Family & Organisational Constellation Systems (FOCS) workshop
10:00 AM10:00

Family & Organisational Constellation Systems (FOCS) workshop

A workshop for individuals who seek to understand at greater depth their family behaviours, organisational system or whatever holds them back personally.  It’s a workshop for those keen on discovering new ways to engage in life and relationships.

Inspired by Bert Hellinger and Franz Ruppert (founders of the family constellations methodology), Ian and David bring a combined 17 years’ experience of family and organisational constellations to help explore the challenging and hidden depths of history both within families and the wider organisational and societal systems which sometimes hinders participants in their journey.

The workshop is open to anyone who wishes to either inquire into their own experience by bringing an issue or to participate as a representative.   Before participating as an issue-holder, representatives may wish to understand how the methodology works or experience how constellation work can reveal the dynamics of their own life.

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