Intellectual Property

We know that IP is valuable to our businesses, yet we may not know exactly what IP is, how to protect IP, whether the protection is valid, how to defend IP, or what costs would be involved.
We look at what intangible IP you have, whether you are protecting it enough or too much (spending unnecessarily), what you might develop or licence out in a manner that fits with your organisation, its values and aims.
We can assess your IP and your IP needs, and tailor our role accordingly. Our consultant, Anna McKay, has worked with organisations from start-ups to global organisations, and can mentor your own team, or introduce specialists to suit you, as needed. There can be a real value in having an overview from an expert who is independent from firms of solicitors and patent attorneys, and understands the priorities of your organisation.

Organisations change – and so does their IP and the avenues open to you for protection and the creation of value.