Our Mentoring Services:

We provide a Mentor who can offer their experience and insight into how to personally and professionally develop while doing the day job and being observed through a 360 degree lens of work and life while balancing home and private commitments.

The process we undertake is to set up an initial chemistry session with a Mentor after careful assessment of the role to ensure that we match you with someone of greater experience that you can learn from and gain support. This may also include a Mentor who has coaching skills as well as an understanding of your industry.

Combined monitoring and evaluation of the process can also be part of our offering to your organisation while also providing a confidential service to individuals. Where an organisation is providing a wider cohort of people for mentoring, we can also offer a confidential team review that identifies collective development needs assessment if required.

Contact us today for Mentoring services that specialise in Executive Director, Non-Executive Director, Management as well as Financial and organisation support and leadership development in a variety of sectors from Health to Entertainment, Finance to Public Company board room experience.