Supervision (C.L.)

"I started with my 3C person in therapy and then moved into coaching. I chose this particular person above other therapists as he approached focused on the here-and-now and not on a particular school or therapy. He created the environment that enabled me to focus on work and was a proactive counselor allowing was dialogue between us that helped the relationship.

I came back for coaching to improve my professional life. Coaching gave me more ambition and the ability to take risks and fulfill more of my potential." Counselling and Business Coaching (G.D.)


"My supervisor was very open and this really helped the relationship and flow of information. I have had other supervisors who had not been so open and I did not feel comfortable sharing my vulnerabilities with whereas I felt very comfortable to be open and honest with him. As a result, I bring that honesty and openness into my own practice." Supervision (C.L.)